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Linguist Symbols Poster


An Okyeame is normally called a “linguist” in English, but an Okyeame is much more than a linguist. Communication with the king or with chiefs and fetish priests will go through an Okyeame. The current Ashanti king has thirteen Okyeames. An Okyeame must come up with the words, proverb, saying, or metaphor that will most accurately express what the chief is saying or what is being said to the chief. This means that an Okyeame must not only be a good speaker but must also know as much or more about the social and political system as the chief he serves. As a symbol of his authority to speak for the chief, the Okyeame carries a staff, an Okyeame poma. The finial on top of the Okyeame poma normally represents an Ashanti proverb or saying.
Linguist poster. A great resource for all the meanings of the symbols.
Made in Ghana. 20″ x 15″. NOTE: We mail it folded in a tube.

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