African apparel cloth and kente

African Ankara Fabrics, Graduation Kente Stoles, Ghana Kente Cloth, African Wood Carvings, Clothing

Since 1996, African Imports has been selling authentic Adinkra Cloth, African Print Fabrics, Clothing, Custom Design Kente, Fraternity Kente, Graduation Kente, Jewelry, Kente Cloth Pieces, Leather, Mudcloth, Musical Instruments, Religious Items, Sorority Kente, Woodcarvings and other handmade African products.  We pride ourselves in providing quality products and excellent customer service!

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I will be in Ghana from May 28th through June 24th and will not be able to ship orders during that time frame.

Exception:  I can ship  kente orders of 10 or more directly from Ghana. All other products, will ship on my return.