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The Executioner


This is definately a Museum Piece. I purchased all four pieces from Oldman Musa before he passed away at his home at Nima, Accra. May God Grant Him Peace. It is carved out of a block of SESE wood. It depicts an exectioner at work. The doomed man is seated facing away with his hands and feet bound. Also, notice the piece of metal in the side of his jaw. These are done so that he does not see or place any curses on the executioner. There is small container to collect any spilled blood. The executioner is holding the severed head in one hand and his sword in the other. The executioner is wearing a talisman and a kufi, which signifies that he is probably a muslim from Northern Ghana. In ancient times, the Asantehene’s court used muslims as executioners for two simply reasons, they are believed to have magical/mystical powers and also owe complete allegiance to the Court.
Made in Nima, Ghana. Height- 12″; Width-4.75″; Length-7″. Weight-5lbs.

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