I’m Edward Markwei a self taught artist who lives near Jamestown, the coastal areas of Accra, Ghana.

I Started painting in 2015 when I was employed by my cousin, also an artist at the art center Accra, Ghana ,to sell retail artworks. This helped me meet a lot of talented and popular artist who came and did live paintings in our art shop. That is when the artist in me was rejuvenated. I started painting smaller works which enlightened me about the basics of art.

I started out painting at the art center in a smaller studio, but then I realized it was too small for me. I then started to work from home, which is not quite big either.  I use acrylic, oil, and pastel mediums to paint on canvas or poly canvas, and linen for private commissions.

I paint because it’s what I was born to do. I’m artistic in many other ways too, and I’m enthusiastic about every work of art. Unfortunately, our African parents always dream big (you either become an astronaut, doctor, or banker, or leave home ). I read science in school – the end it was all failure. I worked so many minor jobs which couldn’t pay the bills, and that’s when my cousin stepped in.
It’s been tough journey, but I’m still en route to my peak. My ambition is to reach the top of what I do and make art affordable and original as much as I can. I want to create jobs and employment for the next generations.